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Dustin-Stoltz-2012-Climbing-Garden-of-the-Gods-Colorado-The-Brief-NoteI am currently a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame – and I study primarily economic sociology, but also cultural sociology, organizations, networks, morality, and cognition. My projects seem to gravitate toward two epicenters: cross-cultural comparisons of solutions to coordination problems, and searching for the cognitive foundations in institutional analysis.

Previously, I attended Montana State University’s sociology program and was an AmeriCorps member for 2 years in Bozeman, Montana. I then served in the US Peace Corps in the Republic of Azerbaijan. I recently finished my Master’s in Sociology, the sequence in Community and Economic Development, at Illinois State’s Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development . (Which, has continued to rank in the top 10 in the nation for the past few years among Peace Corps Master’s International programs.) I rounded off my experience abroad working in the banking industry in Japan and traveling throughout Asia. More importantly, I fall madly in love with each new place I step.

My roots are (not without a bit of pride) firmly planted in the western Montana soil – back 5 generations on both sides. I stayed in Montana well into my twenties, steeping my prejudice in the peculiar antics of rural, mountain culture. Then, I briefly lived south of the American Windy City, followed by a much longer stint in a slow town nestled in the Greater Caucasus mountains – not far from the Caspian Windy City, but closer to the capital of the (Republic of) Georgia. I then – somehow – landed on an island in the East Asian Pacific, and got along just fine, watching the sun set over China’s south sea. For a few short stints, I rotated around the craft-beer epicenter of the United States (Fort Collins, in case you planned to argue otherwise). And, during my time abroad, I got married in three different countries (to the same wonderful lady). Finally, I moved from Cowboy country to Hoosier country, where I will likely stay put for the foreseeable tomorrow.


Research Interests:

Below is a breakdown of my research interests (in order of reverse pyramid):

  • Relational, Figurational and Network Sociology
  • Institutional and Organizational Sociology
  • Development and Economic Sociology
  • Global and Comparative Sociology
  • Cultural Sociology and Cognition
  • Morality and Religion
  • Theory



Professional Experience:



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