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Dustin-Stoltz-2012-Climbing-Garden-of-the-Gods-Colorado-The-Brief-NoteI am currently a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame. Most of my interests fall into the subfield of economic sociology, but this includes also cultural sociology, organizational studies, network analysis, and cognitive social science. My projects gravitate toward three epicenters: (1) coordination problems, (2) distribution problems, and (3) cognitive grounding.

I consider “coordination problems” as falling into three “levels of order”: cognition, collocation, and cooperation, and explore the cross-cultural variation in the various solutions to such coordination problems. With the second, although I am interested in actual distributions of resources, I’m more so curious about the various “models” of how a distribution should take place and what a “fair” distribution might entail. Finally, I’m curious how to take social interaction, networks and institutions (three central sociological concepts) and “ground” them in the assumption that cognition is embodied: all social action is mediated by bodies. I have several more specific projects that more or less approximate these three.

Previously, I attended Montana State University’s sociology program and was an AmeriCorps member for 2 years in Bozeman, Montana. I then served in the US Peace Corps in the Republic of Azerbaijan. I recently finished my Master’s in Sociology, the sequence in Community and Economic Development, at Illinois State’s Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development . (Which, has continued to rank in the top 10 in the nation for the past few years among Peace Corps Master’s International programs.) I rounded off my experience abroad working in the banking industry in Japan and traveling throughout Asia. More importantly, I fall madly in love with each new place I step.


Research Interests:

Below is a breakdown of my research interests (in order of reverse pyramid):

  • Relational, Figurational and Network Sociology
  • Institutional and Organizational Sociology
  • Development and Economic Sociology
  • Global and Comparative Sociology
  • Cognitive Social Science
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Theory



Professional Experience:



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